Road Rides

The following are common road rides from or near Socorro.


North Loops

Western Out-and-Backs

  • Hwy 60 is a common route west of Socorro, with a steady climb up Sedillo Hill. Note - the full shoulder disappears for a while about 15 miles west of Socorro but returns shortly before Magdalena. There is a full shoulder from Magdalena to the VLA, which makes for a near perfect century ride destination (~104 miles round trip to Socorro). Traffic moves fast on this road so it's only recommended for experienced road riders. 

Eastern Gravel Grinders

  • There are no paved roads heading directly east of Socorro. However, the Quebradas Scenic Byway is excellent on a gravel bike. When you return via ditch bank roads, Farm to Market Road and/or Hwy 1, it is roughly a 65 mile loop. 
  • Hwy 380 East of San Antonio has a full shoulder, but it is in rough condition (grass and debris). It is only recommended with wider tires (32mm+), and is best as a connector for the Quebradas Scenic Byway loop mentioned above. 

Southern Loops & Out-and-Backs

  • Southern loops all use sections of Hwy 1, which extends roughly 65 miles south of Socorro. The southernmost 10-15 miles has a rougher surface, but the road is very pleasant from Luis Lopez to I-25 Exit 100 with engaging scenery and very light traffic. Starting at the Bosque Del Apache visitor center is advisable during the fall months when traffic increases between San Antonio and the visitor center.
  • San Antonio Loop (26 miles)


Further Afield

  • State Highway 52, when accessed from I-25 exit 89 near Elephant Butte, is a beautiful and quiet ride.

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