Sunday, May 14, 2023

Go ride the Lasso Loop Trail!

We've been making great progress on the new trail at the Rodeo Grounds, now named the Lasso Loop. The full trail has been roughed in and cleaned up. What the trail needs the most now is moisture and compaction, so yesterday's rain and the forecast for next week are very welcome. Please feel encouraged to go ride, run or hike the trail - use will help the tread compact into a hard surface. 

The trail now has a segment on Strava and we're in the process of uploading it to all the mapping apps, starting with TrailForks. Go check it out!

The City will be supporting us with trail marker sign installation over the next few weeks which will make the route easier to navigate, and they're working on a trail-head kiosk too. We're looking forward to the inaugural youth mountain bike race this October!

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