Sunday, March 3, 2024

O2O Trail Construction on Saturday March 9th!

We'll be working on building the new O2O Trail on Saturday March 9th with some help from our friends from the New Mexico Volunteers For the Outdoors. The O2O Trail is the first of the stacked-loop trails that connect off the existing Blue Canyon Trail.  The trail is named after the Ocean to Ocean Highway, the original name for Highway 60, which this trail parallels. 

If you're willing to volunteer to help us build this new trail please contact us

You can see the alignment of the new trail in the figure below (shown in red). The existing trails are shown in blue and purple, and the Highway 60 trailhead is denoted with a "P" symbol. A second connecting trail to the Rodeo Grounds is also in the works which will add some longer course options for trail running and mountain bike events. The trail will form a 2.8 mile loop with the Blue Canyon trail from the trailhead.

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